July 23, 2024

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11 French Fashion Essentials That Are Truly Timeless

6 min read

I can trace my obsession with French style all the way back to the first time I watched Beauty and the Beast. Belle might have been bored with her provincial life, but I certainly wasn’t. I begged my aunt to let me cut the hem of an old blue bridesmaid dress that resembled Belle’s dress, asked my mum to style my hair in a bow every morning and insisted upon carrying a basket with me wherever I went.

Today, I still find myself trying to emulate the look of French women, albeit with less taffeta, and I have made it my mission to analyse what exactly are the French fashion essentials that I could add to my capsule wardrobe. I trawl through vintage photographs of Paris, looking at the outfits French women have worn in the past, and I have an entire archive dedicated to saved images of the ensembles my favourite French influencers wear.


Deciphering French style has been made easy thanks to these essentials.