June 14, 2024

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Viktor&Rolf Channel ‘Edward Scissorhands’ At Paris Fashion Week

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If there are any true artists at Paris Fashion Week, it has to be Viktor&Rolf. No other design duo have shaken up the runway with seriously out of the box fashion design. Most of their work is so challenging, it feels like contemporary art.

The designers behind the brand, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, are geniuses in their own right, and longtime collaborators. For Viktor&Rolf’s Spring/Summer 2024 Couture collection is called “Scissorhands” and indeed, does look like what Edward Scissorhands would do to dresses, should he get his snip at them.

The Dutch duo have previously made both memes and headlines with their “No” dresses, their topsy turvy dress collection and their pillow dresses, among other brilliant creations, like their 25 year book, or their Flowerbomb Collection of fragrances.

Now, they’re showcasing a collection of black ball gowns that have been snipped up to couture perfection with the chunky cuts. Their new collection, boasting 28 looks, features cartoonish coats, to a tulle ball gown hacked in half. Horsting told Reuters backstage that “It’s about our love for couture, and as well the irreverence for it, to live in both at the same time.”

The collection is made of velvet, sequins and satin. Their strength lies in how the designers bring together opposing forces into harmony. There are both yin and yang forces at work, and these colliding forces symbolize the contradictions in their work.

By removing color, the focus is entirely on form, like an artist turning to charcoal drawing after spending a decade working with the rainbow on a canvas. We have never seen cutouts like this in fashion before.

The press release notes that the duo are “polar opposites in mind,” and that it displays their contrasting natures; polished versus raw, chaos versus control and a studied versus improvised aesthetic.

It does look like a tailor’s scissors have been possessed, or have gone wild. But that’s where the art comes in—you can study fashion design, sewing and design, but fashion always needs a monkey wrench to really make a statement and set trends.

The garments have been built to perfection in this collection, then hit with spontaneous cuts. The fashion cycle keeps getting faster and faster, and this design duo are at the forefront of it all. As the designers said in a statement: “Everything is in constant flux.”

Next up, the duo will open a solo exhibition of their work at the Kunsthalle Munich on February 23. The exhibition, entitled Fashion Statements, celebrates their 30 year career in fashion, blurring the boundaries between art and style with 100 garments on view. This exhibit will honors their legacy in fashion, and it’s long overdue.


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