June 16, 2024

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Rizz word of the year: 5 ways Rizz up your your life according to a Gen Z fashion editor

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And just like that, we have a new word of the year. 

Against all odds, the word “rizz” beat out seven opponents in this year’s 2023 Oxford University Press’ Word of the Year (the same people that print the dictionary) including the words “Swiftie” and “beige flag”.

Instances of the term ‘rizz’ being mentioned have seen a significant surge this year, reaching its highest point in June during an extensively circulated interview with Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland. In response to a question about his ‘rizz,’ he replied, “I have no rizz whatsoever.” (We disagree.)

Like all good things in this world nowadays, the shortlist was narrowed down by public vote, which as you can imagine was likely hundreds of thousands Gen Z’s trying to make yet another global meme. As per usual, when that many under 30’s get together and commit to an internet saga for the gag, they go above and beyond to make it happen. 

I’m going to be honest, rizz is not a word that has ever come out of my mouth. Maybe it’s because I have no rizz? The jury is still out on that one. But now that it is officially word of the year for 2023 I’m doing everything I can to use it on the daily. 

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What does rizz mean? 

According to the experts over at Oxford University Press their definition of ‘rizz’ is Derived from the word “charisma,” “rizz” refers to a person’s ability to attract a romantic partner through “style, charm or attractiveness.” 

Aside from using the term when referring to your love life, here’s five other ways you can use it and “rizz” up your life…

Orion is on a mission to Rizz up our lives...© @orion_scott
Orion is on a mission to Rizz up our lives…

Rizz up your wardrobe with a pop of colour

Whether it’s a pair of bright sneakers, a bold scarf or a new winter coat in canary yellow, adding a bit of rizz to your everyday outfits will be sure to attract. 

Rizz up your mid week

Now that it’s starting to get dark closer to lunchtime rather than bedtime, it’s time to get out and about after work and treat yourself to a weekly Wednesday activity. Meet a friend for a drink, go to a movie or take yourself out for dinner, it’s really up to you. 

Rizz up your usual hair do

Winter is the best time of year to experiment with your hair because if you end up hating it you can just cover it up with a fun hat. Take this as your sign to ‘rizz’ up your hair and get the chop you’ve always wanted or the colour you’ve always listed after. 

Rizz up your morning

I’ll admit, I am not a morning person but when I do on the odd occasion awaken before my alarm, I have the best days. Spending time with yourself, a coffee and some morning TV will ‘rizz’ up your days in all the right ways. 

Rizz up your beauty routine

I’m a sucker for doing the exact same makeup look every day. But from now on, I pledge to rizz up my regular routine and you should too. From bold lipsticks to glitter eyeshadow, watch my makeup game get rizzed ( am I using that term correctly Oxford?). t


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