June 14, 2024

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20 Danish fashion brands we love to wear in 2024

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Copenhagen Fashion Week for Fall Winter 24 might be about to end, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished with Danish design. Like Scandinavia’s famous minimalist interiors, there’s something crisp and clean about Danish dressing, even when the wearer is in all black and has just dismounted a bike.

In this way, Danish fashion brands present a world of contradictions. At once simple, elegant and yet bulked out in layers; neutral and tonal or injected with clashing pastels, patterns and metallics; inspired by nature or made for the streets. Our wardrobes would be drab without them. Which is why we’ve scoured the internet and collated recommendations from friends of RUSSH to bring you a list of our favourite Danish fashion brands, below.

Some are known to most, others are finding their feet. All are worth a look in. From Ganni, Nicklas Skovgaard, A. Roege Hove, Saks Potts, OpéraSPORT and more…



Known for: It’s B Corp Certified and looks good too.

Where to begin with Ganni? Founded by Ditte & Nicolaj Reffstrup, the brand comes inbuilt with that pastel palette we associate with the Danes. It strikes a middle ground between Scandi minimalism without purging itself of the joy of maximalist prints, cuts and layered styling. We love that Ganni makes clothes that are actually size inclusive, with its range extending to a 24. We appreciate its commitment to becoming a more sustainable brand, even if it recognises that fashion inherently isn’t.



Known for: A reverence for 90s minimalism with sultry inflections. That Foxy Shearling Coat.

Dive into the offering at Saks Potts and it will soon be clear that Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy is its woman; all the striped cotton shirts, pajama pants and slinky singlets say that much. That being said, the brand is peppered with Danish inflections thanks to the deft touch of its Danish founders, Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts.



Known for: Skin-baring cuts in sporty fabrications.

Fusing a French sensibility with the edgy, athletic spirit of Copenhagen, Stephanie Gundelach and Awa Malina Stelter dreamt up OpéraSPORT. Baby doll dress sit alongside 90s-style Capri Pants, at first look a contradiction, on closer inspection a reflection of the unique city OpéraSPORT was born in.



Known for: Scandinavian minimalism in earthy tones.

The Garment collections don’t worship any decade in particular, like a love for vintage, they recognise the beauty within each era and you’ll see this translated through the streamlined offering of knits, silk dresses and tailoring. We particularly love The Garment’s signature Tanzania Dress, which is reminiscent of Jane Birkin’s iconic crochet gown secured with a black brooch.



Known for: Textured cloud-like dresses with voluminous sleeves and frothy skirts.

We hit peak Cecilie Bahnsen in 2018 when everyone from Courtney Tropp to Ariana Grande were seen wearing the ultra-feminine gowns from the eponymous designer. With a background working on opera costumes at The Royal Danish Theatre and freelance projects at Christian Dior, Bahnsen has reigned steadily over our hearts. There’s something joyful and strong about her silhouettes and how the are intended to be worn in our everyday settings, not just on special occasions. This sentiment of embellishing the ordinary was most recently exhibited in a collaboration between Cecilie Bahnsen and Asics on a sold out and beloved mary-jane-sneaker hybrid.



Known for: Playful patterns, pastel palettes.

Like Ganni, Stine Goya is another Danish fashion brand that delivers on the fun element. There’s something supremely cheerful about its checkerboard sweaters and utilitarian trousers. Especially when worn together. Loud and lurid but never busy, each piece is softened by wearable design.



Known for: Knits that last a lifetime.

No one does knitwear like Andersen-Andersen, even if you open the floor to brands across the globe. A family-owned enterprise that began back in 2009, Andersen-Andersen creates knitwear inspired by Danish maritime traditions. There’s boatneck sweaters and sailor-inspired cardigans, all created to be symmetrical so that each piece fits regardless of which way you wear it. The quality is second to none, crafted in Veneto, Italy using only natural fibres like wool and cotton.


Known for: Theatrical gowns and refreshing luxury.

Nicklas Skovgaard is a designer to watch. Based in Copenhagen, he founded his eponymous label in 2020 and has presented his first collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring 24. Looking at the drop waists and extravagant proportions of his garments bring on the same giddiness one has when inspecting the clothes of Australian emerging talent, Jordan Dalah. If this is what the future looks like, drop me in it already.



Known for: Unusual knitwear that celebrates the female form.

Amalie Røge Hove’s brand is not your usual knitwear label. It’s skimpy and body-hugging, sheer in places and would make your mother blush. All signs of a good time. Deeply conceptual, although always wearable, the designer brings her experience as a knitwear designer for brands like Cecilie Bahnsen and Mark Tan, and makes something distinguishably her own. We’re big fans and think you should be too.


10. P.L.N

Known for: Heavy leathers and subculture inspired.

P.L.N is a relatively new Danish label on the scene. It was founded in 2021 and prides itself on its dark aesthetic which it believes to be a point of difference as far as Nordic fashion is concerned. There’s a focus on heavy materials that hand-fashioned into garments that all could wear, regardless of social identity.



Known for: Remixing and upcycling deadstock fabrics and garments.

As the name suggests, Designers Remix is all about reimagining existing materials and textiles into pieces we will genuinely love and appreciate. The label has been around for over two decades, and is respected for its completely transparent supply chain and its commitment to offsetting its entire carbon output. A good place to visit if your work wardrobe is in need of a refresh.



Known for: Affordable and experimental clothes that will give your wardrobe an edge.

If you like Paloma Wool, if you’re a fan of Karla Laidlaw, then Kernemilk might be an appreciated discovery. The Copenhagen brand, founded by Marie Mark, is all about a playful approach to fashion, with sensual, one-of-a-kind designs that are heavily inspired by youth subculture.



Known for: Felted knitwear that would appear in a Sofia Coppola film.

No two knitwear labels on this list are the same and Sophia Khaled offers up a visually intriguing entry to the category. Moody and melancholy, her hand-knitted pieces appear as if they’ve been constructed from the teddies and shrunken woolies from childhood.



Known for: Simple and elevated basics with a conscious heart.

For those who take an uncomplicated approach to dressing, preferring a uniform of easy cuts in unfussy tones, Skall Studio is the label for you. Most importantly, the Danish fashion brand has a proven track record in caring for the environment. It’s knits are made with Danish wool, forgoing materials like leather or fur, and offer free repairs for any of its garments – even if bought a decade ago.



Known for: Party dresses and sparkling occasionwear.

Created to fill the gaps in your going out wardrobe, Rotate is a brand by Birger Christensen that’s helmed by Thora Valdimars and Jeanette Madsen that’s based in Copenhagen. As promised, the brand presents an array of celebration styles, from playful mini dresses and skirts to floral summer dresses that could be worn at Sunday brunch.



Known for: Bread and butter Danish fashion.

If you like Ganni, prepare to fall head over heels for Baum und Pferdgarten, it’s beloved Danish predecessor. Founded in Copenhagen in 1999 and steered by Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave, the Baum und Pferdgarten universe is packed with colour, harlequin prints, robust dresses and well-cut wardrobe staples.



Known for: Jewellery informed by architecture.

A labour of love from architect and founder, Sarah Müllertz, Kinraden bottles Danish design sensibility and imbues it in a collection of minimalist, sustainable jewellery. For this reason you’ll find silver and gold rings and necklaces paired with sustainably sourced Mpingo wood from the manufacturing of musical instruments. Every piece is fresh and unseen, underscored by a distinct rebellious streak.



Best known for: high-quality, stylish streetwear and accessories.

The Copenhagen-based streetwear and accessories brand emerged in the 2000s as a T-shirt company, that has since become one of Scandinavia’s most regonisable fashion brands. With outposts in global cities like Berlin, London, Aarhus and Copenhagen, they’ve become one of streetwear’s most young, fun, irreverent labels.



Best known for: sophistication, minimalism, Danish chic-ness.

Danish fashion designer Malene Birger started her label in 2003. Collections from the brand channel sophisticated Scandinavian minimalism, with a bohemian and feminine edge. Malene Birger is a great brand for those looking to find a chic and sleek alternative to Danish dressing than their frou frou contemporaries.



Best known for: streetwear and sportwear with a Scandi flair.

Danish-born designer Astrid Andersen trained at the Royal College of Art in London before launching her namesake label in 2010. Working with heavyweights in the space like Nike and Saga Furs, Andersen’s approach is to fuse the worlds of luxury and sport. But don’t let the term ‘sportswear’ box in your expectations of the brand, they weave together silks with neoprenes, mismatched prints, and collegiate influences to create some of the most unique and fashion-forward collections in the space.


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