June 16, 2024

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15 Outfit Ideas for People With Classic Style

8 min read

Safe space here…raise your hand if you’ve felt fatigued by how quickly fashion trends go out of style. You’re not alone in your sentiment. Don’t get it twisted; stalking the runways or searching for the best new arrivals can bring a sense of unbridled joy to any fashion person. However, there’s no denying that there’s something incredibly appealing and, dare we say, liberating about adopting a more classic style. One could argue that the collective fatigue surrounding fast fashion is why we’ve recently seen so specific minimal aesthetics take off in the cultural zeitgeist—e.g., the rise of quiet luxury or the obsession with “old money” fashion. But let us be clear: this movement isn’t necessarily about being anti-trend per se, but shifting one’s approach to personal style.

Classic style is all about centering wardrobe essentials that will always be in fashion—think: clean silhouettes, minimal accessories, neutral color palettes. That doesn’t mean you have to be predictive or old-fashioned with how you dress each day, but it’s a call to balance wearing “simple” staples and the season’s hottest trends. While that might seem impossible, we’re here to tell you otherwise. It’s incredibly easy to look timeless and trend-forward; you just need a few tricks up your sleeve. In an effort to give you those hacks, we’ve done the research to show how to adopt a more streamlined approach to style. Ahead, you’ll find 15 classic style outfit ideas with styling tips and shopping recommendations that are sure to solve your style woes. Plus, they’re guaranteed to secure you a few compliments in the process.

a photo of a woman's classic outfit idea with a trench coat over a t-shirt, jeans, and ballet flats

What You’ll Need: Sunglasses + trench coat + tank top + straight-leg jeans + ballet flats + crossbody bag